New Machinery - Nugent Engineering Shear Grab

Nugent Engineering
Shear Grab

The Nugent Shear Grab silage block cutter is designed to cut neat, compact blocks of silage from a silage clamp efficiently. Suitable for cutting grass or maize silage the Nugent Shear Grab has a 780mm opening, giving the deepest block on the market. Available in four sizes from a modest 4’4” to 6’ it can be specified with brackets to suit a range of tele-handlers or front-end loaders.

The heavy duty construction has a unique rounded front half, with tempered steel serrated front blade and straight side blades, pivoted to a heavy duty box section rear frame, which has a row of tines fitted into tapered sockets along the bottom. Two 90mm bore hydraulic cylinders activate the grab which provide the cutting power of the Shear Grab, this coupled with the serrated blades ensures a completely sealed silo face reducing secondary fermentation. The Nugent Shear Grab can be fitted to any front-end loader or telescopic handler to suit every farmer’s requirement.

The overall Shear Grab design leads to a very versatile block cutter with a multitude of uses around the farm. The 1.8m Shear Grab which is the largest model in the Nugent range, is very efficient for feeding both in feed passages and into diet feeders. The machine comes standard with a central blade and a third hydraulic cylinder. The central blade adds significant strength to the shear grab and splits the block into two equal sections for feeding.