New Machinery - Major Cyclone Mower

Cyclone Mower

The MAJOR Range of Cyclone Mowers has been designed to do the work of a flail mower but requires a fraction of the power and fuel that a flail mower would consume.

These machines are strong, rugged and robust; specifically designed for use in set-aside, forestry margin management and sensitive environmental scrubland control. This machine easily copes with the toughest of conditions including shrub, saplings, gorse and brush as well as the clearance of arable stubble, including maize and rapeseed crops. Optim™ high-strength steel is used in the manufacture of these machines. This material is stronger, yet much lighter than steel traditionally used in machinery manufacturing.

– Can be front or rear mounted (to be specified at order)
– Patented inter-gearbox drive system
– 25% less power and fuel consumption required than a similar sized flail machine
– Impact shock reducing swinging hardened spring steel blades
– Low maintenance machine with less wearing parts than a flail mower
– Heavy duty rear roller

Model MJ30-200 MJ30-250 MJ30-300 MJ30-550
Overall width 2.1m (7’) 2.65m (8’9”) 3.0m (10’) 5.7m (18′ 10″)
Cutting width 2m (6′ 5″) 2.5m (8’1”) 2.85m (9′ 4″) 5.5m (18′ 2”)
No. of Blades/Bullets 12 / 6 8 / 4 12 / 6 24/12
No. of Rotors 3 4 3 6
Power (HP) 30-180 50-110 60-180 60-180
PTO (rpm) 1000 540 1000 1000
Blade/Bullet speed 77.5m/s 75m/s 77.5m/s 77.5m/s
Cutting height 20-250mm 20-250mm 20-250mm 20-250mm
Weight 600kg 785kg 890kg 1900kg