New Machinery - Major Agitator Pumps

Agitator Pumps

There are two types of agitator pumps in the MAJOR range.

The MAJOR Eco-Agi Slurry Pump is designed to reduce the workload of the farmer and contractor.  It includes features such as the quick attach system. This pump can be lifted and lowered from the tank without removing the PTO shaft which makes it quick and safe to move from agitating points.

The nozzle rotates easily and can be locked in any position with a spring loaded pin. This gives 310 degrees of horizontal adjustment to speed up the work rate by breaking up the slurry and allowing access to all tank corners.  There is an adjustable hydraulic ram to suit individual tractors.  The grid and removable rear walkway ensure operator safety. The tractor is protected from damage with a shearbolt in the PTO shaft.

The heavy duty gearbox and transmission allows the machine work in the toughest conditions without overheating. This pump is fitted with marine bearings for long machine life.

The MAJOR Mix ‘n’ Pump Agitator features an attachment mechanism which cuts the attachment time by half.  Operation of the pump is user friendly due to the cranked lower link bar and the hydraulic top link which sets the machine in the working position without having to detach and re-attach the PTO shaft.

The agitator impeller case is moulded to achieve the maximum pull on the material, most effective shearing action and greatest throw at the optimum speed without cavitation. There are two models available – the AG6000 with a 6’ working depth and the AG8000 with an 8’ working depth.

Model AG6000 AG8000 ECO-AGI
Drive Chain Chain PTO
Working Depth 8′ 6′ 7’7”
Power (HP) 70 70 90
PTO RPM 540 540 540
Weight (Kg) 560 540 598
Output (l/min) 9240 9240 9000