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Disc Mower

Since 1828, innovation and quality have been the basis of our commitment to our customers, the farmers. They are the inspiration behind our trademark. In concrete terms, this means 1 600 patents filed, 65 000 machines produced each year and the service ensured by more than 4 500 KUHN staff world wide. Products and services are marketed with a single trademark.

180 years of experience in manufacturing farm machinery helps us offer products and services ensured to perform to our customers’ requirements. Ever since 1962 the slogan “Quality is tomorrow’s quantity” has been displayed in the factory.

As a leader in farm machinery, we want to offer farmers the best products, every day and right round the world. We want to satisfy increasing numbers of customers.

Today 4 500 employees are proud to serve the exacting demands of farmers. Their skill and commitment also help meet these demands. To find work practices which maintain this constant quality and customer satisfaction, we are guided by our company project ONE.